‘Air Evgle Lounge Event’ - Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions ("T&Cs") shall be binding on you on registering this Event (the "Event") operated by Red Bull Records of, 9044 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90048 ("Promoter") 
  2. This Event is open to individuals of all ages (“Entrants”). Minors under 18 must be accompanied and registered to attend by an adult 18 years or older. 
  3. For US residents, the following terms and condition shall apply.
  4. This Event registration period runs from April 26, 2022 until April 29, 2022, or until all available slots have been filled, which is the closing date for registrations ("Closing Date"). After the Closing Date April 29, 2022 no further registrations to the Event will be permitted.
  5. All accepted registrants shall be notified of the Event address/location by email that was used to register by 11:59pm on Friday April 29, 2022
  6. The one day Event is taking place on Saturday, April 30, 2022.
  7. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to register this Event.
  8. Route to entry for the Event and details of how to register are via AirEvgle.Blxst.com
  9. Registration is limited to one per email. Multiple email registrations from the same person will be disqualified. 
  10. No responsibility can be accepted for registrations not received for whatever reason. 
  11. The rules of the Event and how to register are as follows:
  12. Tickets are required for entry, and must be used for the time slot selected and confirmed.
  13. Each entrant is allowed one (1) additional guest for a total of two maximum per reservation. 
  14. Tickets are not transferable. 
  15. Once your reservation has been completed and submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. Please wait up to 30 minutes for confirmation email to arrive. 
  16. Every email address is counted once per submission, multiple submissions with the same email will be rejected. 
  17. Within 24 hours of event time, your boarding pass and instructions will be sent via email via the contact method they registered the Event.. 
  18. Please note the event producers reserve the right to refuse admission for any reason. 
  19. By submitting your email and phone number in the form, you agree to being added to Blxst’s mail and text list for marketing updates. 
  20. Your personal data will be processed in line with Red Bull Record’s privacy policy here: https://redbullrecords.com/privacy-policy/ 
  21. Promoter accepts no responsible or liability for: 1) failed, returned or misdirected notifications based on inaccurate information provided by any entrant on entry, 2) registrations, and/ or responses to Entrants notifications which are lost, late, incomplete, illegible, unintelligible, misdirected, damaged or otherwise not received by the intended recipient, in whole or in part due to computer, mobile phone or technical error of any kind. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt; or 3) technical, hardware, or software failures of any kind or lost or unavailable network connections which may limit or prohibit an eligible entrant's ability to participate in the Event; 4) registrations made fraudulently.
  22. Promoter reserves the right in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend this Event or other cause beyond Promoter's control if deemed necessary in Promoter's opinion (including without limitation where Promoter feels that the Event is not capable of being conducted as specified). Any modification or amendment will be published.
  23. Entrants must comply with all rules (including these T&Cs) to be eligible for participation.
  24. Promoter reserves the right, with or without cause, to exclude entrants for violating any of these T&Cs, acting fraudulently or generally breach the spirit of the Event. Deeming an entry void or disqualified is at Promoter's absolute and sole discretion.
  25. Promoter's decision is final and binding in every situation including not covered in these T&Cs and no correspondence will be registered into.
  26. Entrants hereby agree to comply with reasonable requests and instructions from Promoter and their representatives during the partaking of the Event, and comply with all health and safety standards.
  27. Promoter reserves the right to remove Entrants from continuing participation in if the Entrants is behaving in a manner which is contrary to the obligations of this clause or in any manner that Promoter, in their discretion, feels is inappropriate. 
  28. Results will be announced by November 20, 2022 ("Announcement Date") via the method that the Eventant registered the Event and details of the Entrants will be available on request.
  29. Acknowledgments of COVID-19 and Other Risks. Entrant fully understands that (a) the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and any resulting disease (together with any mutation, adaptation, or variation thereof, “COVID-19”) is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death, and there is an inherent danger and risk of exposure to COVID-19 and/or any other communicable disease in any place where people are present; (b) no precautions, including the protocols that will be implemented from time to time by the Released Parties and/or third parties (including, but not limited to, federal and state governmental agencies) (collectively, the “Protocols”), can eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and/or other communicable diseases; (c) while people of all ages and health conditions can be and have been adversely affected by COVID-19, according to public health authorities (i) people with certain underlying medical conditions are or may be especially vulnerable, including, but not limited to, people with chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, moderate to severe asthma, liver disease, compromised immune systems (including as a result of organ transplant), obesity, serious heart conditions, sickle cell disease, and type 2 diabetes, and (ii) the risk of severe illness from the contraction of COVID-19 increases steadily with age, and contracting COVID-19 can result in the further transmission of COVID-19 to Entrant’s spouse, family members, and other contacts; and (d) exposure to COVID-19 can result in being subject to quarantine requirements, illness, disability, other short-term and long-term health effects, and/or death, regardless of age or health condition.  BY REGISTERINT TO PARTICIAPTE, ENTRANT FULLY UNDERSTANDS AND KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ALL RISKS RELATED TO THEIR PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT, WHICH MAY INCLUDE AN INCREASED RISK OF EXPOSURE TO ILLNESS AND/OR ANY COMMUNICABLE DISEASE (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, COVID-19), PERSONAL INJURY, DISABILITY, OTHER SHORT-TERM OR LONG-TERM HEALTH EFFECTS, AND/OR DEATH, WHICH MIGHT RESULT FROM THE ACTIONS, INACTIONS, OR NEGLIGENCE OF SELF, ANY OF THE RELEASED PARTIES (AS DEFINED BELOW), OR OTHER THIRD PARTIES.  ENTRANT ACCEPTS PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGES, LIABILITY, AND OTHER LOSSES THAT ENTRANT OR ANY OF THEIR RELATED PERSONS MAY INCUR IN CONNECTION WITH THE FOREGOING RISKS.  
  30. Unless prohibited by law, entry constitutes permission to use Entrants' names and likenesses in all media for publicity purposes without any further compensation, including without limitation being published on the Promoter's or affiliated websites 
  31. Red Bull Owns The Exclusive Right To Use Entrant’s Name And Likeness From This Event. By entering the Event, the Entrant grants to Red Bull Records, Inc., its parent, its affiliates, and each of their licensees, successors and assigns, and each of the authorized photographers acting on their behalf (“RBR”), without additional compensation, the unrestricted right to videotape, film, portray and photograph Entrant and their actions and record their voice and other sound effects while Entrant is present at the Event. Entrant irrevocably grants to RBR the right to use their name, image, likeness, voice and biography for any purpose and in any manner, including, without limitation, in connection with the distribution, advertising, promotion, commercial tie-in or other ancillary exploitation of the Event, and any programming related thereto, in whole or in part, in all media and by all means now known or hereafter devised and in all languages, throughout the universe in perpetuity. Entrant’s Participation in the Event along with any pictures, video footage or other recordings I may capture while participating in practice for or competition during the Event, including, without limitation, any footage captured with a “POV” camera regardless of its origin (collectively, the “Proceeds,”), will be deemed a “work-made-for-hire” specially commissioned by RBR within the meaning of all applicable laws and, accordingly, RBR will be the sole and exclusive owner thereof for all purposes. To the extent necessary to vest all of the rights in the Proceeds in RBR, Entrant hereby irrevocably assigns to RBR all of their rights, title and interest of every kind or nature which I may have or hereafter acquire in the Proceeds. 
  32. By registering to attend the Event, all Entrants will be deemed to have read, understood, accepted and agree to be bound by these T&Cs, to confirm to all laws and regulations and abide by any terms and conditions imposed by any third party provider of the Event or prize (or part thereof).
  33. By registering, participants, Entrants ("Party"), agree to release and hold harmless Promoter, its parent company, subsidiary and affiliated entities, directors, officers, employees, attorneys, agents and representatives from any damage, injury, death, loss, claim, action, demand or other liability that may arise from their registering (or attempting to register) this Event and/or their participation in this promotion (including without limitation any loss caused by any errors or changes made by third party providers), or from any misuses or malfunction of any Entrants selection or a breach by the Party of these T&Cs. 
  34. Nothing in these T&Cs shall limit Promoter's liability for death or personal injury caused by their employees or agents' negligence or for fraud.
  35. Waiver of Unknown Claims. Entrants expressly waive whatever benefits they may have under Section 1542 of the California Civil code (and any equivalent applicable law of the State in which this document is signed) which provides that: “A GENERAL RELEASE DOES NOT EXTEND TO CLAIMS THAT THE CREDITOR OR RELEASING PARTY DOES NOT KNOW OR SUSPECT TO EXIST IN HIS FAVOR AT THE TIME OF EXECUTING THE RELEASE, AND THAT, IF KNOWN BY HIM OR HER, WOULD HAVE MATERIALLY AFFECTED HIS OR HER SETTLEMENT WITH DEBTOR OR RELEASED PARTY.” 
  36. Neither party to these T&Cs shall be liable for any failure or delay in performance under these terms and conditions to the extent that such failure or delay are caused by conditions beyond their reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, government restrictions, wars, insurrection.
  37. If any of these clauses should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable then it shall be severed and deleted from these T&Cs and the remaining clauses shall survive and remain in full force and effect.
  38. Arbitration. Entrant (and, if applicable, Entrant’s Parent) unconditionally and irrevocably agree on behalf of themselves and each of my successors, heirs, and assigns that, all disputes arising out of or relating to this Release or to the Claims, including without limitation, all claims based in contract or tort, shall be submitted to arbitration and resolved by a single arbitrator (who shall be a retired judge) in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc. (“JAMS”) then in effect. In addition, all questions regarding the arbitrability of the dispute, including whether I have agreed to arbitrate the dispute, shall be decided by such arbitration. I acknowledge and understand that by agreeing to resolve any and all such disputes by arbitration, I am giving up and waiving my right to file a lawsuit in court and have such dispute(s) resolved by a judge or a jury. All arbitration shall take place at the JAMS office located in or closest to Santa Monica, California. I irrevocably and unconditionally consent to personal jurisdiction in California and venue in Los Angeles County, in any action, including without limitation, petitions to compel arbitration and to enforce that arbitration award, concerning a dispute between the parties or relating to this Release. Judgment on the arbitrator's award shall be final and binding, and may be entered in any competent court. 
  39. These T&Cs and the Event shall be governed by laws of the State of California and by registering this Event agree that all disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of California state.